TRAFIG, Transnational Figurations of Displacement, is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 research and innovation project. From 2019 to 2021, 12 partner organisations will investigate long-lasting displacement situations at multiple sites in Asia, Africa and Europe and analyse options to improve displaced people’s lives.

Displacement is normally regarded as a temporary phenomenon. Yet, about 16 million people— more than two thirds of 20.4 million refugees worldwide—have been in exile for long periods of time without prospects of return, resettlement or local integration. The number of internally displaced persons who cannot return is unknown. Both groups find themselves in protracted displacement.

The project aims at generating new knowledge to help develop solutions for protracted displacement that are tailored to the needs and capacities of persons affected by displacement. TRAFIG looks at how transnational and local networks as well as mobility are used as resources by displaced people to manage their everyday lives.

TRAFIG will:

  • provide academic evidence on refugee movements and protracted displacement
  • analyse which conditions could help to improve displaced people’s everyday lives
  • inform policymakers on how to develop solutions to protracted displacement.



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Policy Brief No. 5

Outward and upward mobility

How Afghan and Syrian refugees can use mobility to improve their prospects

Caitlin Katsiaficas ICMPD, Martin Wagner ICMPD, Katja Mielke BICC, Sarah A. Tobin Chr. Michelsen Institute, Fawwaz A. Momani Yarmouk University, Tamara Al Yakoub Yarmouk University & Mudassar M. Javed SHARP

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